Amazon on Twitter

Corporate and consumer-oriented communication of Polish Amazon on Twitter including:
• Sharing news regarding most important Amazon’s development in Poland in terms of logistics, e-commerce, employer branding, CSR and products,
• Presenting the most current global news building strong position of the company in the region,
• Building in-depth media and consumer relations with media, consumers and Twitter society.


Preparation and introduction of social media strategy and content on Twitter in terms of managing the account, monitoring and crisis management.

Introducing key mile stones of Amazon activities in Poland: launch of Polish-language version of, new e-commerce center in Szczecin, Amazon Marketplace and many others.

Ongoing, 24/7 support, including full-management of the profile and customer support.


Since its launch, Amazon Twitter account in Poland has become one of the key sources of knowledge about Amazon in Poland and in the CEE region for customers, influencers and journalists. It gained an active and trustful group of followers and improved awareness of company’s activities among opinion leaders.