The International Palace Games of Visegrád was great success this year

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Clue PR was the dedicated PR agency of the event since 2014

The International Palace Games of Visegrád is the largest medieval festival in Hungary, held annually at the second weekend of July. The 3-day event is meant to reach a wide international public with its diversified programs: performances and shows of Hungarian and foreign participants – hundreds of re-enactors, musicians, dancers, comedians, and jugglers – in a uniquely authentic environment. The long-term impact of the famous royal meeting in Visegrád in 1335 proved the significance of Central European cooperation and our aim is to present a vivid example of it by promoting the importance of our historical and cultural heritage. Since 1985 the Palace Games of Visegrád has been a reminder of this exemplary consensus by strengthening and developing the cultural cooperation among the nations. Thus, the participants of the festival arrive from all V4 countries, as well as Italy, Germany, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Austria. Clue PR supported the event with various press communication tools generating more than 100 articles and reports about the games. Almost every important and relevant titles of Hungary published content about event.