Corporate PR - definition

Corporate PR - the core of our activities, which includes the entire spectrum of activities that affect the market perception of the client.

We build corporate PR for global brands to help them appear in the right context in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe, and we also create a PR strategy for local brands, which we promote not only in the region, but also on a larger scale. At the heart of this is a well-thought-out public relations strategy that is not just a good-sounding slogan, but sound advice based on knowledge of the brand’s world. Thanks to it, it is possible to make the image more consistent, but also provides a foundation on which to build the brand’s ongoing operation, including in crisis situations. How to ensure that corporate PR does not resemble doing homework, but allows the company’s image to be developed and strengthened in a world of changing technology?

The answer is the ability to build a credible and engaging brand story. Creating a corporate image is simply storytelling tailored to different audiences. We have been creating corporate PR for many years, keeping in mind all the interest groups centered around the brand being promoted:

  • employees,
  • investors,
  • business partners,
  • clients,
  • media,
  • experts,
  • institutions.
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Corporate PR tools

Local communities, whose interests are directly linked to the company’s operation in a given area, are also important. Taking them into account in corporate PR supported by well-considered and outreach activities of influencer marketing creates an opportunity for long-term creation of the company’s media image. A good public relations agency is able to anticipate all the issues and circumstances surrounding a product launch or campaign launch, and the impact of its public relations communication on its audience.

The challenge in corporate public relations is to tailor messages and not to duplicate the same content over and over again, as well as to translate the client’s business into language that is understandable and engaging for the audience. This is why the strategy that a PR agency implements is so important. What does it mean for us?

By PR 360 strategy we mean a compilation of complementary activities, such as:

  • investor relations,
  • media relations,
  • internal communications,
  • crisis management,
  • social media management.

Public affairs activities are also important to control the company’s impact on the environment. Well-planned and implemented corporate PR is effective when it is based on the credibility and consistency of activities and the appropriate selection of messages to audience groups. There is no room for reckless actions. There is always room for quick reactions and listening to the most important events. This is what brand image creation and PR strategy is all about – developing tactics to guide further action, while keeping a close eye on the industry: articles in the press or posts on social media.