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Three teams in Clue PR work as one. Content House, made of creative writers and experienced proofreaders, creates content inspired by Data House. The entire process is finalized by PR House, which acts as a liaison between clients and the press. As well as written content, we also produce graphics and videos that are popular with online outlets.

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Our work

Brand creation

Creating and implementing the brand strategy step by step is the foundation of our activities. Meticulously designed know-how allows us to maximise the effectiveness of the campaigns we develop. Without hesitation, we can say that our PR agency uses the latest tools that allow us to stay ahead of the competition.

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Corporate PR

We build corporate PR for global brands, as well as creating PR strategies for local names We design the spaces where the client’s product becomes the main hero who has an interesting story to tell The high effectiveness of brand stories projects shows us that every company has a unique story – we just need to find it.

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We build a conscious engagement with your brand’s world, selecting the best platforms and media, and advising on the optimal tools We enable our clients to be where their customers look for them every day We provide knowledge of the ins and outs of the digital world in an accessible way, so that you can make the most of it, meeting your expectations.

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critical comms

A crisis does not have to be a nightmare, although it is never an easy situation It is possible to prepare for it even in calmer times – something we constantly encourage our clients to do In this age of social media popularity and rapid information circulation, the smallest misunderstanding can quickly escalate to unexpected proportions in no time.

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    how to reach us

    Our PR agency is located in a convenient location in the Powiśle district. There are a number of parking spaces in close proximity – both on the side of Cicha Street and Zaj±cza Street. For those traveling by public transportation, we suggest heading towards the Topiel stop.


    why you should conduct PR activities

    Public relations activities are necessary if you want to build a strong brand, want to warm up your image or need help in resolving crisis situations. But these are just some of the tasks that a public relations agency specializes in.

    How can our PR agency help you?

    At Clue PR, we will help you achieve success in communicating with different audiences. We know very well how important good quality content is in business. It is through them that the customer has the opportunity to establish a relationship with your brand - to learn the story behind it and to see the benefits they will gain from your products or services.

    Why is it so important? Effective communication increases your sales - and that's what our PR agency specializes in. Years of experience, marketing expertise and the ability to create unique content are what set us apart in the public relations market.

    We have received prestigious awards in the PR industry: the Sabre Awards, the European Excellence Awards and the Magellan Awards. We are trusted by brands such as Zalando, Warta, Benefit Systems, Neonet and DHL. As a PR agency, we successfully build a positive image for these brands and create a space to meet with audiences on many levels. Join the ranks of clients who increase their profits thanks to our public relations agency!

    How does a PR agency create a brand image on the Internet?

    If you run a business or deal with brand communications, you are well aware of the importance of a positive corporate image that translates into customer engagement and purchasing decisions.

    One of the basic principles of marketing is to be where your customers are, which for any business means a thoughtful online presence and activity. Social media marketing, storytelling, influencer and content marketing are all tools that provide invaluable support for this. Unfortunately, their operation can be time-consuming and often requires specialized and continually updated knowledge.

    This is where PR agencies come to the rescue! You don't have to do everything yourself. You can benefit from our many years of experience, copywriting skills, relationships with influencers and journalists, and above all, unique knowledge based on research of consumer needs and their online activities. Take care of your online image with Clue PR - find out how much you will gain from a proper, well-designed and correctly executed online strategy!

    What areas in communications is the PR agency responsible for?

    You can hire us for selected specific PR activities, which we will be happy and interested to undertake. However, we strongly encourage you to entrust us with the entire area of public relations in your company. What will you gain by doing so? A consistent action strategy and personalized communication across multiple channels. It's important that the brand speaks one language and that at various points of contact the customer encounters a familiar, unique way of communication typical of your company. A consistent message guarantees recognition.

    By contracting us to provide comprehensive PR services for your company, you ensure your success in the following areas:

    • Image creation - is a series of activities in accordance with the created strategy, aimed at building a valuable position in the market and in the minds of customers, allowing to reach the right target groups with the desired message.
    • Social media marketing - that is, creating engagement on social media. A properly designed message fosters a loyal community - one that is keenly interested in the brand, interacting with it and ensuring sales success. The focus is not on the number of followers, but primarily on engaging content that will attract the right customers.
    • Crisis communication - often treated neglected by PR agencies - is our core competency. We will help you define areas of potential image crisis, prepare crisis scenarios and model statements for the media, and we will monitor the development of the crisis on an ongoing basis and make our recommendations as the situation develops.
    • Influencer marketing - is campaigns implemented in cooperation with influencers and celebrities. We will help you target the right ambassadors for your brand and develop creative campaigns to bring in new customers.
    • Digital - online presence is not just social media and online press. We offer services related to the presence of your brand in many different spheres of the network. We'll help you exist where your audience is!
    • Internal PR - communicating with employees and taking care of the company's internal image is as important as external communication. It is a satisfied employee who is the best advertisement and showcase for your brand.