Crisis management in a nutshell

How to guide your company through a crisis?

A crisis does not have to be a nightmare, although at the same time it is never an easy situation. It is possible to prepare for it even in calmer times – something we constantly encourage our clients to do. In the age of the popularity of social media and the extremely rapid circulation of information, the smallest misunderstanding can escalate to unexpected proportions in no time. In such cases, it is important, first and foremost, to remain calm, but also to know how to recognise a crisis situation and to prepare for it in advance. Has the topic been picked up by a reach influencer or national media? Does it affect the company’s image among key stakeholders? In what tone should official statements be maintained? What should be paid attention to in order to contain the crisis? These are just a few of the many questions that usually trouble managers during problematic situations. Crisis situations can come from anywhere – it can be the result of an ill-advised statement by an employee, but also an unexpected market situation. However, they are all fast-moving and dynamic, new variables are emerging all the time, and every wrong word can only exacerbate the situation, ultimately tarnishing the company’s image. This is why it is so important to properly manage a crisis situation in order to emerge from it successfully. Crisis communication (so-called crisis PR) is one of the key competences of our PR agency.

For your company, as for many of our clients – international giants and Polish companies – we can prepare training courses for crisis management staff, develop manuals, sample statements for the media with your company’s key messages and crisis scenarios. We are also happy to share our knowledge of issue management – we will help you define crisis areas and suggest how to prepare for potential problems. We will become a second pair of eyes and ears with whom you can consult on actions of all kinds. If a crisis does occur, our crisis PR – experience and strategy based on proven tools – will help your company get through it without damage to your image. And in the long term, even strengthen its market position.

Here are 5 steps that will enable your company to pass through the crisis in a smooth manner:
  1. Precise baseline audit
  2. Identification of stakeholders and groups affected by the crisis
  3. Crisis strategy, including crisis scenarios, crisis manual, response templates for press and social media
  4. Comprehensive training of crisis staff
  5. Preparation of a statement and assumption of the role of press office and direct contact with journalists throughout the crisis situation

Open communication and close contact with the brand’s audience through the media and directly on social media channels is essential both in calmer times and in these more difficult moments. Equally important, however, is what remains invisible at first glance to outside observers or the media. It is all about what goes on ‘behind the scenes’: inside the company, in the area of employee rights, safety and employee comfort. It is difficult to maintain a uniform image externally if there is misinformation and uncertainty within the company. The agency will take on both external and internal communication in its entirety to provide your company with full and comprehensive support.