Influencer marketing

Innovative method of campaigning or throwing money down the drain?

People known from television or the press used to be our idols. Today, we look up to influencers – the celebrities of the internet age – for advice and answers to life’s questions. Last December alone, $479 million was spent worldwide on campaigns with them, and for the entirety of 2019, global budgets for this purpose ranged from $378 million to as much as $500 million.

Influencer marketing – hit or miss?

The undoubted advantage of influencer marketing, which has attracted the attention of brands from all over the world, is the relatively low budget engagement compared to the effects achieved. Consumers are keen to get the opinion of people they see every day on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube or TikTok. Celebrities of the new era regularly report on adventures from their lives, share expertise from their areas and give many sensible hints. It is no longer just talented singers or actors who can be recognised on the streets – a lady who is raising three children or a 30-year-old with extensive knowledge of the concept of zero waste can also gain a voice online. It is this proximity of famous people to mere mortals that influencer marketing is based on.

How can influencers help you?

Influencers care a great deal about their image. In an age when anyone can express themselves online, the experts are more appreciated. Their appreciation also manifests itself in a growing circle of followers.

What the audience appreciates above all is the authenticity of these people. Celebrities who are at their fingertips – on smartphone or computer screens – and show their lives, over time become like close friends. The products or services they recommend become instant hits – because viewers can rely on the authenticity of that recommendation. They believe that if something wasn’t good – there wouldn’t even be the slightest mention of it.

This is where the opportunity for your business comes in. An influencer who reviews your product positively can reach many people across the country with your message.

Why should you do influencer marketing with a public relations agency?

If you’re thinking of teaming up with an influencer, a public relations agency will be an invaluable advisor and intermediary between you and the celebrity. Decent influencer marketing, i.e. the implementation of a campaign that will be covered by the trade media, requires a lot of effort – it involves countless hours of meetings to develop a strategy, campaign objectives, but also the right choice of faces to represent the brand. It’s endless email correspondence with the campaign heroes themselves, who also have their own requirements (not just financial), would like to get to know the brand well, and at the same time remain authentic and honest with their audience.

However, you don’t have to get involved in all these meanderings – a PR agency can take on the coordination of the topic from start to finish: propose a strategy, select the right people to carry it out, negotiate the most favourable contracts with them, and then keep an eye on the course of the campaign, respond in real time, and finally report back on the results.

Sounds interesting? Write to us – we will tell you how influencer marketing can support your business strategy.

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