Social media marketing

Basic information

In 2020, the global social media advertising market is expected to reach US$ 91.134 million and in 2022, the number of social media users in Poland is expected to exceed 23.61 million. This shows that the potential inherent in social media is huge – but the challenge is to make the most of it. However, a good PR agency can change this.

The most common mistakes in social media marketing

Setting up a Facebook page, a Twitter account or an Instagram profile is actually easy – just a few clicks away. It proves to be more challenging to look after this profile on a daily basis. As a result, you will find many hundreds of social media accounts on the internet that are not using their full potential. These could be fanpages of restaurants with memes about cats, long posts that nobody reads or chaotic graphics without a unified theme. Sooner or later, this approach to account management will result in unsatisfactory statistics, which will convince the owner that this social media is not worth investing in after all.

Social media communication strategy

However, all of these problems can be solved with a single action. Social media marketing requires, first and foremost, a communication strategy that has been prepared in advance and on which we will base our daily activities. Who is the target group of the fanpage? To whom do we direct our communication? How do we communicate what we want to say – formal or lifestyle? What are the key messages of our brand? What results should our social media profiles achieve? It is the answers to these questions that lie at the heart of a well-structured communication strategy, which can be prepared by a PR agency.

Does social media marketing make sense?

But actually, why build such a strategy? Does it make sense? What if they are just going to hate my products or services? Indeed, especially in the age of the coronavirus, a great many people are reaching out on social media, but can my company benefit at all?

The answer is yes, as much as possible. A well-run social media page is not only a potential additional means of communicating with customers, but also an opportunity to redirect people who don’t know you yet but could become customers of your business. How many times have you clicked on an ad on Facebook or Instagram because it simply interested you? This is your chance to reach those people who need your products or services but don’t know it yet. Efficient use of Google Ads, Allegro Ads, Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads can significantly increase traffic to your website and conversions in the shopping cart.

In addition, some social networks already allow you to buy directly from their platform – this means that the customer doesn’t even have to leave Facebook or Instagram to buy something from you. This is an amazing opportunity that you can find yourself in!

What if something goes wrong?

In order for your company’s social media marketing to work well, time is first and foremost essential – to prepare a communication strategy, a Q&A for customers, but also the ongoing moderation of social media, finding communication contexts, arranging the post schedule for the next week. Expert knowledge also comes in handy. How to write posts well so that they sink in? How do you tailor target audiences for your ads so they reach the right people? How to manage the budget for Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads?

This is where the role of a PR agency comes into play – communications specialists will take the time-consuming workload off your shoulders, and with their knowledge and experience, your company will be getting proven recommendations that will realistically help your business get found on social media.

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