Unique PR Engine

Three teams in Clue PR work as one. Content House, made of creative writers and experienced proofreaders, creates content inspired by Data House. The entire process is finalized by PR House, which acts as a liaison between clients and the press. As well as written content, we also produce graphics and videos that are popular with online outlets.


Once we have established your company's communication objectives, we create a coherent story for your brand.

Step 2.

We develop lines of communication that tie together the content we create.

Step 3.

We create a content plan that aligns with your brand's communication lines and objectives.

Step 4.

We commission work from our writers, editors, graphic designers and video makers.

Step 5.

The PR department positions content in key media.

360-degree communication

Flexibility, anticipating trends and adapting to changing circumstances has always been at the heart of our business. We have the knowledge, experience and creative resources to effectively use tools across both social and traditional media – from influencer partnerships to large-scale outdoor campaigns.

We know how to get the media interested

Our PR team has experience in journalist relations and media contacts. In turn, our content team knows how to position your brand in attractive and valuable contexts.

We are not standing still

Articles, interviews, commentaries – these are all part of the standard PR kitchen. We go further. From optimised texts to graphics and video, we are able to present your communication in new and attractive ways.

You are in full control

We created our PR engine not only to organise the work in the agency. The client is the key link in the creation of content, so we work with you in a shared workspace. We use a system whereby all strategy guidelines, content plans and the content itself are organised and available at every stage of its creation. This allows both you and our team to have a complete overview of your company’s communication activities and materials.

PR comes in many shades – we have a whole range of activities for you

Creating and implementing the brand strategy step by step is the foundation of our activities. Meticulously designed know-how allows us to maximise the effectiveness of the campaigns we develop. Without hesitation, we can say that our PR agency uses the latest tools that allow us to stay ahead of the competition.

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We build corporate PR for global brands, as well as creating PR strategies for local names. We design the spaces where the client’s product becomes the main hero who has an interesting story to tell. The high effectiveness of brand stories projects shows us that every company has a unique story – we just need to find it.

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We build a conscious engagement with your brand’s world, selecting the best platforms and media, and advising on the optimal tools. We enable our clients to be where their customers look for them every day. We provide knowledge of the ins and outs of the digital world in an accessible way, so that you can make the most of it, meeting your expectations.

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A crisis does not have to be a nightmare, although it is never an easy situation. It is possible to prepare for it even in calmer times – something we constantly encourage our clients to do. In this age of social media popularity and rapid information circulation, the smallest misunderstanding can quickly escalate to unexpected proportions in no time.

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The undoubted advantage of influencer marketing, which is attracting the attention of brands from all over the world, is the relatively low budgets compared to the effects achieved. Consumers are keen to get the opinion of people they follow every day on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok or Snapchat. Celebrities of the new era regularly report on adventures from their lives, share knowledge from their fields and offer advice. And it is no longer just talented singers and actors who are making their voice heard online – there is also a lady raising three children or a 30-year-old with extensive knowledge of the concept of zero waste. It is precisely this proximity of well-known people to “mere mortals” that influencer marketing is based on.

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Setting up a Facebook page, a Twitter account or a profile on Instagram is essentially straightforward – just a few clicks away. It proves to be more challenging to maintain this profile on a daily basis. As a result, you will find many hundreds of accounts on the internet that are not using their full potential. These can be fanpages of restaurants with memes about cats, long posts that nobody reads or chaotic graphics without a unified theme. Sooner or later, this approach to account management will result in unsatisfactory statistics, which will convince the owner that this social media is not worth investing in after all.

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How many times have you, as a company employee, received a completely unexpected email about a change that no one communicated to you? Or found out a few months later about a significant change in the company’s composition that most employees knew about? The process of evolution in any company is difficult, but communication of the changes that have taken place in the company often causes additional problems. This, in turn, can cause irritation among employees and lead to unnecessary conflicts.

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