Corporate image creation

Creating the image of a company, creating the image of a brand, an institution or a person – so-called personal branding – is a long-term process in which there is no room for ill-considered decisions. Any brand that wants to effectively reach its audience must take an interest in personal branding in order to achieve better sales results, while avoiding common mistakes that are later mercilessly shared and reproduced in the media – both traditional and social media.

Every PR agency, when working on an area such as PR strategy, takes into account many factors of greater and lesser importance that make up the final whole, which is a coherent brand image that effectively reaches its target groups. All of this is done in collaboration with the client, which enables them to understand their objectives and to specify the actions that will help achieve them. The objectives can be specific sales results, but also the association of the company’s image in specific contexts.

Creating and implementing an image strategy step by step is the basis of our activity. The key is to create the client’s media image in such a way that it is adapted to both the environment in which the company operates and the general market conditions. Creating a company’s image means building a bigger picture out of details that seemingly mean little, but a professional Public Relations Agency or digital agency puts them together into a coherent whole that attracts consumers. We are talking about factors such as:

  • visual communication,
  • the language used,
  • branding,
  • frequency of contact with the public,
  • tonality of communication,
  • image of key people for the brand (CEOs, board members).
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Media relationships image creation

Image objectives can change, as can PR strategy or social media communication. What remains constant is:

  • ensuring consistency of message,
  • reaching the desired audience,
  • highlighting the unique selling points of a company or its CEO,
  • achieving measurable sales results.

Brand image creation

The 'brand image creation' term covers all public relations activities:

  • expert comments,
  • employer branding,
  • positioning at major industry events and in the media,
  • support during crisis situations (Critical Comms),
  • consultancy in the area of visual communication,
  • as well as many others, even those that at first glance seem trivial…

The agency’s greatest adventure is to co-create a brand’s identity by creating a media image and selecting the appropriate contexts in which the brand is positioned.

What is the key to success? Reliability and creativity rolled into one, seemingly difficult to reconcile. With the right experience in public relations – possible.