Building a loyal community and running an effective salesmanship is not only about getting as many likes as possible or having the best and engaging content plan for social media. Our campaigns enable you to have a loyal following of people who will consciously engage in the world of your brand – and that translates directly to continuous growth. We’re advising on platforms and tools and we’re working 24/7.

Both public relations and marketing are strictly correlated with each other, but at the same time are subject to dynamic changes due to the development of new technologies, as well as growing expectations of consumers. Since we’re an agency specializing in corporate and new tech PR, as well as closely cooperating with clients on their marketing issues, we’re constantly studying the market and the preferences of recipients, such as in the report “Henry Generation” realized with Gfk Polonia in 2017. New trends, content that is served in brief forms, the dominance of visuals – all of those impact the ever-changing nature of Public Relations. Following the events and unique reports, sharing the knowledge and the predictions, creating stories that evoke emotions – and going viral as an effect – it’s our average day in public relations. In order for the skills and the creativity to be something else than just catchy slogan, they need to be constantly verified and adjusted to new trends and requirements. The biggest sin in public relations, apart from bending the truth, is the loss of recipient’s interest. Simply put: boredom and using marketing jargon in the communications. It’s like talking to a wall. That’s why we’re constantly working on our skills and challenging each other in order to increase the quality of our work.

Currently, the nature of public relations is closer to content marketing and influencer activities, while being further from the classic relationship with media. It doesn’t change the fact that our relationships with journalists and bloggers based on the trust, as well as the real knowledge of their interests and requirements are the unique values of PR consultants working in our agency. Our public relations and corporate social responsibility activities were recognized multiple times and awarded numerous rewards like Sabre Awards or Magellan Awards, that confirm the quality of our activities. Regardless from technology and market changes, for us public relations and marketing remain the territory of creative research, on which we embark with our clients.