Don’t waste a good crisis – how to emerge defensively in times of turbulence?

The coronavirus pandemic has not only reshuffled the market, it has permanently changed the attitudes of your customers. New communication and sales models are needed to respond to hitherto unknown challenges. Our experience and strategy, based on proven tools, will help your business emerge from the impasse and rebuild your position in the market.

Wondering why your company actually needs crisis PR? Does it make sense to use PR services in the current situation?

Of course!

How specifically can we help your company?


– Identifying competitive advantages to exploit in the new market situation
– Identify the main threats facing the company and propose ways of responding to them
– Mission: Customer reactivation – what to bet on?
– How are your competitors coping with the crisis? – do’s and dont’s


– Working in new conditions. How do you support your team in delivering results?
– Establish clear criteria for assessing the value of your and your Team’s work to the organisation. Ways of setting targets and reporting

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