The aim of the action was to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Education First in Poland and to strengthen the position and awareness of the EF Poland office in Warsaw.


On the occasion of celebrating 20 years of Education First in Poland, we invited young people from Warsaw to celebrate together. The event was a continuation of the Influencer EFekt cycle, started in October, consisting of meetings and workshops with influencers, who were attending language courses organized by EF Poland and are official brand ambassadors. In line with the Gap Year campaign, special emphasis was placed on the promotion of long-term trips. We invited YouTubers: Janek Dąbrowski and Alex Mandostyle, and the actress – Anna Zuch to collaborate with us. The event was also supported by EF Ambassadors, who encouraged participants to participate in courses organized by EF Poland.


  • About 150 people took part in the event. Information about the event appeared in local and student media, such as Waw4free or StudentNews.
  • 3 announcements of invited influencers in the form of posts on Instagram, with a total range of approx. 130,000 views.
  • Two-fold comprehensive InstaStories on the channel of every influencer encouraging viewers to subscriptions, with a total coverage of about 250,000 views.
  • Around 70 unique user generated content publications generated by event participants.
  • Unique, comprehensive all-day relations on InstaStories of each of the invited influencers, with a total range of about 400,000 views. Unique event summaries in the form of influencers on Instagram, with a total coverage of about 50,000 views.