Creating the image of company, institution or person – so-called personal branding – is a long-term process allowing no space for ill-considered decisions.

The creation and execution of image-building strategy step by step remains a basis of our activities. The key is to create such image of client which is adapted both to the environment, in which the company operates, and to the market conditions. Image-building is about everything: starting from visual communications, through language and terminology used (do not mistake that with marketing jargon, though), ending with the frequency of the contact with the environment, as well as its tonality. What is important – each channel used for communication should be paid adequate attention to. A great attention should be paid to creation of the company’s image in social media as well.

The goals of image-building may change, what remains constantly unchanged is:

  • Taking care of the consistency of the messaging,
  • Highlighting unique features which cause a given company or its CEO to stand out among others.

Simply put, “building image” means the full scope of public relations activities, starting from:

  • Expert commentaries,
  • Throughout employer branding,
  • Positioning on the most important industry events, ending with…
  • Crisis-related activities,
  • As well as advising within the area of visual communications.

For the agency, the possibility of co-creating the identity of the brand and selecting appropriate contexts in which it’s positioned, is the most exciting adventure we can embark on. What is the key to success? Reliability and creativity at the same time. It may seem difficult to combine both, but with an adequate experience in public relations – it’s possible.